Burn “To burn” is a colloquial term used to describing use of a rocket. codex lexicon  
Encelado Enceladollar, or “encelado” for short, is the common currency of Enceladus Prime station. 1E$ is worth roughly same as 21-century Euro. The currency has no physical form and is distributed solely using quantum blockchains. codex economy lexicon  
Ringdive A colloquial term for a excavation mission in the Rings of Saturn. codex lexicon  
Ringroids Ringroids is the colloquial name of particles forming the Rings. Composed mostly of water ice, they range in sizes from grains of dust to huge moonlets. Structure of a ringroid will range from ball of ice to loosely-packed snow and effect of impact is not predictable. Ringroids in the  
Spaceworthy Able to provide crew safety in space travel. codex lexicon