The ERFMD-17 mass driver is a capable combat weapon, very good protection against pirates and a servicable mining weapon. It fires hollow slugs designed to minimize penetration through soft ice, dispersing its force to break them apart. Though it's less powerful than the EMD-14, it has a higher fire rate and more efficient energy usage than the EMD-14, giving it better handling for self-defense. In mining, the lower energies mean less energy spent chasing freed minerals.

In combat usage, as with the EMD-14, it is a very threatening weapon, and can cause a meltdown through sheer damage of critical reactor systems, or it can be used to impart speed or spin (if targeted off-center) to a disabled ship, to force very damaging collisions.

This weapon is tunable to higher or lower energies; this can make it a stronger combat weapon at the expense of energy consumption, or a more useful tool for mining, imparting less speed to freed minerals.