The EMD-14 is your starting weapon, and currently delivers the most damaging single shot of any weapon, though its rate of fire is slower than your other driver option. It fires hollow hypervelocity slugs, designed to flatten and disperse their energy through the soft ice in Saturn's orbit to break it apart. Because of the energy it impacts with, it requires considerable energy, and with starting equipment, cannot be continuously fired. It also has the unfortunate side-effect of tending to impart a lot of energy to freed minerals, giving them significant monmentum.

Im combat it is a very dangerous weapon, able to destroy a reactor through sheer damage that leads to a thermal meltdown. A skilled pilot can also use it to impart a spin to a disabled ship, using the spin to jam reactor rods and overheating the reactor, or by making collisions with ice much more damaging.

Its power can be tuned, making it less powerful for more efficient mining, or for less power use, and also for more combat damage at the cost of energy usage.