Flying a Spaceship

Most of civilian ships are equipped with nuclear thermal rockets. They consume propellant from ship tanks, heat it up in reactor core and eject it from RCS thrusters or main engine. This will push your spaceship in opposite direction with equal and opposite reaction.

You can control your ship with manual controls or autopilot, switching between them whenever you use one or the other.

Ship once in motion will stay in motion. It will not slow down unless you apply reverse thrust or perform lithobraking on a ringroids.

  • Novice pilots are advised to fly with low relative ring velocities. Repairs are expensive, even if you count in insurance.
  • When performing high-speed dives it's prudent to orient the ship backwards. Main engines will stop your spaceship much faster.
  • Hiring an advanced pilot will slow the time when you are on collision course, giving you more time to react.
  • Advanced autopilots will highlight collisions on your path.